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Our central heating and boiler cover plans provide annual cover for your whole heating system and can include labour, breakdown, repairs. An annual service is included as standard. There is no call out charge and our Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers will carry out the works to your heating system with labour and parts included within the annual price*.
A survey will need to be carried out by our experienced Gas Safe / Oftec Registered engineers at the same time we service the boiler, we will check the system, boiler and all items that would be covered under the Cover Plan and advise you if we would be able to cover your heating system.
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Please note that Total Boilers Limited will not divulge your contact details to any other 3rd party.

Service Value Plan

OurService Value Plan covers an annual service on your boiler and also includes priority breakdown service
From only
per month


£9.00 per month or £90.00 Annually


£10.80 per month or £108.00 Annually
Direct Debit is taken over 10 months

Service Plus Plan

The Service Plus Plan cover an annual service, all boiler spares and labour (excluding main heat exchanger). You will get a priotiy breakdown service.
From only
per month


£21.60 per month or £216.00 Annually


£25.80 per month or £258.00 Annually
Direct Debit is taken over 10 months

Total Service Plan

The total service plan covers an annual service, radiators, radiator valves, boiler parts & labour included and priority breakdown service.
From only
per month


£33.60 per month or £336.00 Annually


£42.00 per month or £420.00 Annually
Direct Debit is taken over 10 months

Unvented Cylinder

Yearly service of your unvented cylinder. Required to keep your warranty valid
per year

Notes on Service Plans


  • Discounted labour rate for all other boiler works e.g. breakdowns.


  • Boiler parts only, are included on service plus plan, THIS IS DEFINED AS ANY ITEM WITHIN THE BOILER CASE, excluding the main heat exchanger.
  • All other works to the heating system are chargeable.
  • All “Service Plus” plan boilers are required to be under 10 years old.


  • All “TOTAL SERVICE” plans are based on an 8 radiator 3 bedroom property – we reserve the right to charge an extra fee for larger properties based on the boilers (one boiler) and controls (max two motorised valves) and per extra radiator.
  • All “TOTAL SERVICE” plan boilers are required to be under 10 years old, we assume that the components of the heating system used are to British Standards.
  • All “TOTAL SERVICE” plans do not cover the boiler heat exchanger or and cylinders or hot water vessels.
  • All “TOTAL SERVICE” plans are assumed that the local water is of a good standard and not “HARD” as this does adversely affect heat exchangers.
  • All “TOTAL SERVICE” plans do not include for running out of fuel calls.


  • We reserve the right to withdraw services if:

i. Our engineers suffer abuse, either verbal or physical.
ii. We find an issue on inspection.
iii. There are issues which effect the installation not disclosed at the time of inspection.
iv. We are not reasonably able to find parts to keep your system or appliance working safely.
v. Circumstances arise (including health and safety issues) which make it inappropriate, in our opinion, for the contract to continue.
vi. A system is not viable financially.

If we cancel your policy/works we will

i. There will be a minimum payment of a non-contract service, if we have already carried out a service or an inspection.
ii. You may also cancel your agreement with reasonable notice by contacting our office directly.
iii. You may cancel your agreement at any time. There will be a minimum charge of £65.00 plus VAT if we have carried out an initial inspection or any other work. If you pay by monthly Direct Debit, and you have not paid the minimum amount of £65.00 plus VAT when you cancel, you will be required to pay the minimum amount to Total Boilers Limited.

Spare Parts

If we do not carry spare parts your repair needs on the day, we use a central stock of parts, otherwise we will do all we reasonably can to obtain parts from our suppliers.

Customer Query Policy

If you have any queries regarding your invoice, please report these in writing/e-mail to within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Total Boilers Limited will respond within 7 days or as soon as possible from the receipt of your letter/email.

Servicing Appointment Procedures

Upon booking an appointment for a boiler service, you will be given the opportunity for the following appointment slots:

  • First Call 08:00am – 09:30am
  • Morning appointment 08:00am – 01:00pm
  • Afternoon appointment 11.30am – 05:00pm

These appointments may be subject to change. If we are experiencing a particularly busy period, we may have to give priority to breakdowns, therefore your appointment slot could be subject to change, or may need to be re-arranged.

Priority Breakdown Service

All of our service plan customers are offered a Priority Breakdown Service.

This means that we will endeavour to attend your breakdown call the same day providing that you telephone us before 2pm Monday to Friday and before 12pm (noon) on Saturdays. If you telephone on Sunday, we will endeavour to attend the breakdown the following day. This service is exclusively available for Serviceplan customers.

For non-Serviceplan customers we will attend the boiler breakdown as soon as possible. However as we give priority to Serviceplan customers , if we cannot attend the breakdown the same day that you report it to us, we will try to attend as soon as possible.

Gaining Access to your Property

It is your responsibility to let us into your property. If we cannot gain access to your property to carry out the necessary work, we will tell you and arrange another appointment. If after 3 attempts we still cannot gain access we may cancel your agreement. We will tell you this in writing if this is the case.

General Exclusions

  • Adjustments to time and temperature control.
  • Any domestic water supply hot or cold.
  • Any defects or inadequacy attributed to the original design of the central heating systems.
  • The changing of non-valved circulating pumps.
  • The fabric of the building including pipework or fluework buried in it.
  • Any defects caused by wilful or malicious action, negligence, misuse or third part interference, including problems caused by shortage of fuel.
  • Any defect or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, frost, impact or extraneous cause.
  • Consequential loss or damage arising as a result of a defect occurring in the central heating appliance(s).
  • Any defects occurring from the failure of public electricity or water supply.
  • Any central heating boiler exceeding 60Kw.
  • We may exclude boilers 10 years and over, this is at the discretion of Total Boilers Limited.
  • Oil tank, oil line, fire valves and filters.
  • Flue integrity.
  • Unblocking of condense waste pipes.
  • Replacement of pressurised cylinders.
  • Gledhill water storage products.
  • Heat exchangers including plate to plate types.
  • Blockages due to sludge/lack of flushing to the heating system.
  • Removal of an appliance off the wall to fit parts.
  • Heat exchangers are not covered.
  • Pressurised cylinders are not covered but can be serviced at the same time as your boiler for £50.00 plus VAT.
  • Towel rails are not covered within any of the plans.
  • Underfloor heating system are not covered within any of the plans.
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